4 Best Apps to Sell Used Stuff Online

sell used stuff online

Craigslist is probably the go-to site when people want to buy or sell used stuff online.  However, there have been several complaints regarding the items bought or even the way a seller interacts with a customer.  Fortunately, there are other mobile apps that you can use to purchase or let go of your used belongings.  We will feature those in this Internet Home Business Ideas post.


Sell Used Stuff Online: Best Apps to Use

There will come a time when you will want to get rid of a top that you outgrew, a gift from a past lover, a present that you don’t like, or an item that was bought out of impulse.  If you want to declutter and make some money out of those those stuff, then you better read this post.  Here are the top apps that we found online that can make online selling easier.

-Let go– the app is completely free and is good for both iOS and android gadgets.  Those who sell used stuff online will rejoice to know that the app will not get any commission for any sales.  In addition to that, sellers or buyers do not need to spend on shipping fees as transactions are done personally.  How so?  Buyers are encouraged to contact sellers within their vicinity so that they interact face to face.

Sellers can upload up to 5 images per item along with a product description and price.  What’s fun about this app is that sellers can create an video ad to advertise their products.  The only drawback with the app is that they don’t do refunds.

-Mercari– this free app can be used in iOS and android devices.  You can find a wide selection of items from clothes, to beauty products, and even video games.

Just like in other online stores, sellers need to include description along with pictures of the item.

The seller has the option to shoulder the shipping fee or let the buyer pay for it.  PRO TIP: Items sell really fast if seller pays for the shipping rate.

The best thing about this app is that sellers get to keep 100% of their sale so yey for this.

-Offerup– just like in let go app, it is free for both iOS and android users plus transactions are done in person.

What people like most about this app is that is is extremely secure.  Users can join as long as they verify their Facebook account, scan their state-issued ID, and submit their selfie.  This ultimately boosts confidence.

-Poshmark– both iOS and android devices can download the app for free.  However, this app is not cheap as it takes $2.95 as commission for sales below $15, and 20% commission for anything that sells more than $15.

Most of the items sold in Poshmark are women’s clothes and accessories.  To start selling, sellers will need to take pictures of their items and upload them to their online closet.  Of course, sellers will also need to provide important details such as brand, color, size, and price.

The key to getting a sale is to have as many followers as possible just like in other social media platforms.


So if you are looking for a place to buy and sell used stuff online, download the apps that we shared today and start shopping for used treasure.

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