Best Free Ecommerce Platform For Startup Businesses

best free ecommerce platform

Did you just say best free ecommerce platform?  What?!  There’s such a thing as free even for businesses?  Yes, you read that correctly.  The best thing here is that there isn’t just one free ecommerce platform available today.  In fact, there is plethora of them today but the Internet Home Business Ideas site will share with you the top 5 with the highest ratings.  So why don’t we get started?


Best Free Ecommerce Platform: Top 5 of the Best

The internet is abounding with varying ecommerce platform – both free and paid.  But why do have go for paid ones even if they are relatively inexpensive?  Because why not?


Apart from being free, these ecommerce frameworks are widely used that you can easily get the support that you need from communities such as developers and advanced users.  There are even documentations and special blogs created for that purpose – to educated and help other users.


Without further ado, here are the best free ecommerce platforms that we recommend to you:

1. Drupal Commerce– Drupal is a known competitor of WordPress as it is often a go-to platform for web design.  Its strength and its beauty is that developers can create any kind of website using its robust functionalities.

The Drupal Commerce lets you build and scale up (if you must) your site.  One of the many advantages that makes drupal commerce a viable choice is its network of helpful users that run forums and blogs that provide support to those who need it.  Another asset of this platform is that it provides the users a security system that provides data security.  Best of all, its built-in caching makes your ecommerce site fast.

There are downsides to using this framework though.  The learning curve is steep specially if you are not an experienced developer.  The user interface is not that user-friendly as well.

2. Magento Open Source– offers a slew of features so you don’t need to buy or create extensions.  Marketing is even made easier thanks to product alerts.  Plus, you can create several multi-lingual sites to create clients of different dialects from all over the world.

The only problem with having too many features is that it takes up resources therefore making your site load slower.  Another drawback is that this platform is best for those who can shell out money to hire web developers for coding.

3. Prestashop– is a new player in the ecommerce platform but is highly favored because of its ease of usage and great user interface.  The platform is also light so expect your site to run smoothly without any problems thus it is considered as one of the best free ecommerce platform in the market.

One of its disadvantages is that the default theme is not as impressive as those in the other platforms.  In addition, extra modules that are needed to run an online store are expensive.

4. WooCommerce– is a WordPress plugin that will only work if you use WordPress for your website.  This plugin comes with inventory, product pages, and so much more.  Managing the plugin is so easy that you will only need to think about adding content to your store.

However, you will need your own hosting and domain name.  Additionally, you need to think about SEO, caching, and security.

5. Zen Cart– was “born” for users who don’t have coding know-how for their stores.  To boot, it is famous for providing security so you are assured that transactions are protected.  This is also the best choice if you want to scale up.

The bad thing about this is that the platform does not have support and add-ons are limited.


Do you have more to add to the best free ecommerce platform list?  If so, please let us know.

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