Top 15 Facebook Apps for Business Pages

facebook apps for business pages

Did you know that you can keep customers coming back to you by adding facebook apps for business pages?  Did you know that those facebook tools can help improve customer experience?  If you are still searching for the best apps for your page, why not start with the list that we are about to share in this Internet Home Business Ideas post?


Facebook Apps for Business Pages: Different Apps for Varying Needs

I already have a facebook page but why do I need to add apps?  The apps are very efficient plus it does not take a lot of effort to use and implement them.  Another plus factor is that apps help you customize your page and add whatever it is that you need to build a whole new world of experience for your would-be clients.  Need we say more?


Below are the suggested apps:

  1. Heyo– this is an app suite that helps you make contest and facebook campaigns with their readily available yet modifiable templates.
  2. Hootsuite’s Scheduler– busy people don’t want to log in everyday to their Facebook business pages just to give updates.  But thanks to this scheduler, you can just login once and schedule your posts at the best times of the day.  You can even post to various social media accounts all at the same time.
  3. Live Chat for Facebook– allows your site visitors to login to their Facebook account to chat with you.  How convenient is this?
  4. MailChimp– is already famous for building email lists.  The good news is that you can integrate your MailChimp account with your Facebook page for easier gathering of emails and leads.
  5. Networked Blogs– this app lets you publish your blog posts to Facebook so your followers will know if you have updated your site with new content.
  6. Pagemodo– this is very useful if you intend to create different tabs for your page.  Through this app, you can create a welcome page,product features, and more.  The rest is up to you to explore.
  7. Polls for Facebook– is one of the many facebook apps for business pages that you need to get if you want your customers to have a voice in your offerings.  Additionally, polls do not take very long to be created.
  8. Ripe Social– this is a fan favorite as it has a total of 11 apps so you can have a tailor-made facebook business page.  More importantly, their reliable services come in cheap so every cent is worth spending.
  9. Shopify– now, customers don’t need to leave facebook if they want to shop in your shopify store.  Clients can go through the selection to checkout on your facebook page in a breeze.
  10. Shortstack– is for contest and promotion junkies.  You can pretty much create any campaign you want and even set up voting system.
  11. Storefront Social– create your own Facebook shop, sell your items, and even create a checkout page through this app.
  12. Tabfoundry– is another app for making page tabs.  Its edge is that you can drag and drop widgets to a blank slate instead of being given customizable templates.  Plus, this is free with a Hootsuite account. How cool is this?
  13. Tabsite– if you like adding tabs for sweepstakes, videos, and contests, this app is for you.  In addition to the many things that you can do, tabs can be easily created too.
  14. Wishpond – if you have plans on throwing every contest there is, wishpond can help you with their 10 apps for different social promotions.  Examples include sweepstakes, referral, and more.
  15. YouTube tab– is especially handy if you have your own YouTube channel.  This tab will help your clients/viewers see your YouTube videos within facebook.


So what do you think of our list of facebook apps for business pages?  Do you have more to add?  Let us know through our comments section.

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